Oxbridge Law Admissions
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We help you secure an Oxbridge offer.

Personal Statement Guidance

We will guide you through writing your personal statement from figuring out how you can use your experiences to demonstrate your capabilities in your first draft to putting the finishing touches on your Personal Statement.

Hundreds of hours have been put into analysing Oxbridge personal statements and learning what works best. Make the most of our expertise.

Cambridge Law Test Tuition

With us, you will go through 15 essay questions and come out confident that you can tackle any topic that comes your way. Our tutors will teach you writing techniques and guide you as you approach complex issues together.

You will discuss each essay with your tutor, where they will highlight areas of improvement and show you how best to approach each question. Written feedback will also be provided.

Alicia’s ability to analyse essay topics helped me to plan my essays clearer and more on point than before.
— Evangeline Z.

Interview Preparation

Our experienced tutors will provide 5 full mock interviews that reflect the actual interviews at Cambridge and Oxford. Each session is structured so you get the most out of it: the first 30 minutes are for the mock interview itself, and a full 30 minutes are allocated for feedback and discussion.

We have conducted hours of research to compile our signature Question Bank derived from past questions and even adapted undergraduate case studies.


We teach students like you how to go through each tricky Multiple Choice Question so you understand why each option is right or wrong. We also teach you how to optimise your LNAT essay to present yourself as a bright future Law student.

To make sure you are well prepared, we have full mock papers so you can get plenty of practice with our tutors.

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Alicia was great at answering any questions I had. This was crucial in addressing my weaknesses and enabled me to write progressively better essays. Due to Alicia’s help, I feel I have significantly developed the skills needed.
— R. O.


Full Oxbridge Law Application Package

Do you want help throughout the whole process for yourself or your child? We’re here for you and will support you each step of the way. Our tutors have been through it all and know how challenging it can be.



Bespoke Packages

At Oxbridge Law Admissions, we understand that each student is different, and we offer bespoke packages that are tailored to your needs. Whether you are an applicant, parent, or school, we are ready to help you.